Safari Heat

For many of us, the dream of continuing Safari is something expensive to come true - yet that is not the case with Playtech's "Safari Heat" safari-themed slot machine where you can win prizes that may help you pursue a real safari. You can win prizes for seeing a variety of animals including Gnu, Zebra, Flamingos, Rhino and Elephants, while Wild Lions bring a new level of excitement to this safari with potentially great instant prizes, and the power to replace other symbols to make more winning combinations . There is also a Sunscreen Scatter that is fun to look at, which can give you even bigger instant prizes, and even trigger free spins.

All players can combine various line bets and lines to make their own personal spins, while desktop computers and laptops are the perfect way to absorb all the excitement in this safari adventure.

Safari Heat certainly fits its name with its amazing mix of animals and super hot prizes, and the prizes you look forward to winning include up to 25,000 coins to see Gnu and Zebra, up to 40,000 coins to see Flamingo, and up to 75,000 coins to see Rhinos and Elephants . However, all of those prizes, while still winable, become insignificant when compared to the prizes available to see all 5 male lions roaming the scroll - amounting to an incredible 900,000 coins. Wild Lions also have a strong appetite when it comes to other symbols and replace them to make more winning combinations. They also double all prizes when appearing in the winning combination.