Dragon Riches

If you play casino slot machines, you will definitely find many games that have a Chinese theme. Among them, there are many who feature dragons as the middle part of their game. It is very easy to understand why. Not only are dragons a legendary item that has been narrated for thousands of years around the world, but they have a special interest in China, where they are considered to bring strength and good fortune to those who deserve it.

This creature is once again the focus of Dragon Riches by Tom Horn Gaming, one of the latest online slot machines from software developers. Featuring many traditional Chinese symbols, it is easy to get the impression that this is just another Chinese themed slot and there is nothing new to offer. But the unique format and some progressive jackpots make this offer stand out from the crowd, especially if you are willing to pay to unlock all the features available to you.

Dragon Riches video slot is one of the latest releases included in online casinos using software by Tom Horn Gaming. It features a heavy Chinese theme, and that’s clear since you loaded the game. The titular dragon is not only found on the rolls, but the entire layout uses a red color scheme with gold trim, along with a red patterned background. That makes the theme immediately recognizable, and the fact that common symbols related to Chinese culture can also be found throughout the scrolls. One of the more interesting aspects of this machine is the fact that you can pay a variable amount per spin to unlock different payments and features. We will discuss it further later, but the point is that this makes it easier to play either as a low limit player or a high roller. There are also free version machine games available on the Tom Horn website, in case you want to test the game for free. The game is presented in a browser-based format optimized for mobile, without the need to download to get into the action.

Dragon Riches video slot is a five reel game that uses an all-around format. This means you can win with a combination of left to right in a row, without having to worry about the pay line. In this case, there are three positions per roll, which means you will have 243 ways to win on each spin. For smaller wins, you will definitely want to earn three or more of the same level of poker in a row, with the option of running from tens to ace levels.