Legend of the Jaguar

The Legend of the Jaguar video slot that we will be reviewing is a new Playtech offer that benefits all Tomb Raider. The classic video game starring the heroine Lara Croft has undergone a sequel and some movie adjustments. There are even new changes from the Tomb Raider movie franchise, as well as new video games. Online slot players love adventure in their games, and with the reels, ropes, and huge wins, Legend of the Jaguar might provide the right one. So let’s grab our hiking boots, ropes, and a map as we head to the unknown to review the Legend of the Jaguar slot game.

There is no doubt where the top slot developer Playtech was inspired by the free Legend of the Jaguar slot machine. And you must go back decades to find it.

Eidos launched its first Tomb Raider video game in the 1990s. Taking full advantage of the early Playstation, Tomb Raider follows the adventures of British explorer Lara Croft as she fights villains, wild beasts, and resistance to gravity. Tomb Raider has since been made into several films, including the recent big screen remake starring Alicia Vikander.

A few years ago, Microgaming brought the official Tomb Raider online casino title featuring pictures from the original video game. But Playtech has taken the idea of ​​a female traveler a kick a step further. In Legend of the Jaguar, you can feel the combination of Tomb Raider atmosphere with a little scroll Gonzo's Quest. Gamblers are treated to an exciting video intro sequence as they load Legend of the Jaguar. Our heroine is chased by the remains of the temple by a fierce big cat. Luckily, he survived the encounter to accompany you - the player - as you rotated the reel.