Silent Samurai

Develop your inner Samurai in a 5-reel slot machine by Playtech, featuring an epic adventure theme centered on a famous Japanese warrior. Silent Samurai is played on 9 pay lines, giving players a chance to win huge sums of money with a top-notch jackpot multiplier of 5,000x. However, the potential for big wins alone is not the only attraction for this game, as it also provides some bonus stunts where players can practice their shuriken star throwing skills to collect free spins with multipliers up to 8x. As far as slot machine themes go, Japan is one of the least touched areas of world history. While there are video slots after Egyptian pyramid video slots, Aztec temples and the Roman colosseum, the 5-reel video slots that surpass the elusive past of the Land of the Rising Sun. That was until the Silent Samurai came, crawling out of nowhere to hit us all with some spinning action that pulled straight from the sacred heart of Medieval Japanese history.

A spinning samurai player will be called into battle each time the samurai scatterer appears on the first and fifth reels of the screen to activate the bonus game. In the end, this will reward players for a set of free spins, where all wins have the potential to be doubled. Before that happens, the scammers have to fight the 20 invading ninja armies by throwing shuriken stars at them as they appear on the screen. Each ninja you hit has the potential to reward up to 27 free available or double up to a value of 8x. If you hit a special ninja, 3 more ninjas will be eliminated to provide guaranteed free spins and / or multipliers. But be careful, because there are some ninjas out there who are fast enough to dodge your shurikens and end the bonus game. If that happens, the accumulated free spins will be played with the accumulated multiplier used for all wins.