So, how can one play at Sweet Party? Well, once you look at the user interface, you will realize that this game is quite easy to operate. The game is made for "pick up and play", with Playtech implementing it as a tee. On the right side of the scroll, you will find the user interface that you will use to control all Sweet Party elements. You can adjust the number of autoplay games right and left arrows, while you can also adjust your bet amount in a similar way.

Once you're done customizing and changing the game, just press the game, and that's it, the Sweet Party experience will take place!


Sweet Party is not like your average slot release, as you do not have a pay line here. When you press the play button, all symbols will be removed from the screen. The new one will fall from the top of the candy machine. When these candies land, if there are more than 5 matching symbols lined up either horizontally or vertically you win. The more appropriate symbols, the greater the victory. By taking all of the above, there is no need for rocket scientists to know that at Sweet Party there are some potentially huge victories.