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Time for a deal

Time for a Deal is an exciting Ash Gaming slot machine for online slot players that is easy to understand, yet offers a dynamic and advanced storyline. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines and comes with multiplier and replay features, as well as some other bonus features and progressive jackpots. This game is compatible with Mac and Windows computers and is a mobile slot game available to play on mobile devices powered by iOS and Android.

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Zhao Cai Tong Zi

We have no authority over the intricacies of ancient Asian culture, and our Chinese Mandarin language did not arrive early. However, we can make a commendable guess that the title of this slot machine refers to the Son of the God of Wealth, also known as Shan Chai Tong Zi and Sudhanakumara. This toddler god is the main protagonist in many Buddhist and Taoist myths and legends, often seeking enlightenment. It is also said that around the time of the birth of this son, many treasures appear at random and, thus, the child is associated as the God of Wealth. "Sudhana" and "Shancai" are literally translated from Sanskrit and Chinese respectively as "good with money".

There is probably no better mascot for a slot machine than a mischievous little boy who miraculously brings money to the people of his kingdom. In keeping with this legendary theme, Zhao Cai Tong Zi features four child characters, each holding an iconic image of traditional Chinese culture - koi carp, golden yuanbao pot, ripe immortal peaches and what appears to be a golden bat-shaped symbol. Whatever this icon is, it is very important for the game as it will give you the biggest win when five appear on one of the 9 pay lines.

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Sweet Party

So, how can one play at Sweet Party? Well, once you look at the user interface, you will realize that this game is quite easy to operate. The game is made for "pick up and play", with Playtech implementing it as a tee. On the right side of the scroll, you will find the user interface that you will use to control all Sweet Party elements. You can adjust the number of autoplay games right and left arrows, while you can also adjust your bet amount in a similar way.

Once you're done customizing and changing the game, just press the game, and that's it, the Sweet Party experience will take place!

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Eternal Lady

Eternal Lady online slot is a beautiful 5-reel slot from Playtech with Asian themed symbols. The scrolls are hung with a cloudy background and the symbol has a retro style on its design. This slot has wild bonds and many other bonuses. You can win up to 12 free spins with many extra Wilds. While playing the Eternal Lady slot online, you can also earn one of the regular Fire Blaze jackpots.

Get the Grand jackpot in this game, and you will get up to 2000x your initial bet!

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