Green Light

Simply hit the pedal against the metal from the moment you press the spin and you'll be wrapped in prizes such as 1,000 coins to win a trophy and 1,000 coins to drink champagne. You can earn an additional 2,000 coins by drinking champagne with a gorgeous blonde model. You can earn up to 5,000 coins when you get in the car, and when the green light says "go", you can start earning these bonuses.

Three or more green lights will trigger up to 200 times the total bet, but they will also trigger the green light feature to choose one of the five cars to race the track. When you finish first, you will win 25 free games, 2nd 20 free games, 3rd 15 free games, 4th 10 free games, 5th 5 free games. However, if you finish in 1st or 2nd place, you can participate in the race in the second race. In the second race, you can win up to 100 free games to finish 1st place and 5 more games to finish 5th place. All prizes won during the free game will also be doubled. You may be at the end of some discussions with wild drivers, but if you win these discussions, these drivers will take the place of other symbols, creating lots of winning paylines and winning 2 of them. Double it.

There are 20 racing lines to choose from, and you can play 1 to 20 on any rotating wheel. Then, you must place a bet between 0.01 coin and 0.25 coin on all rows. In this way, the minimum bet for each bet is only 0.01 coins, and you can only play all 20 lines from 0.2 coins at a time. The maximum bet for any spin is 5 coins.