Regular fish that you can catch while playing this game will offer payouts between 2x and 50x. There are also fish that will bring you higher payouts that range between 30x and 70x but some pay up to 200x your bet. The biggest payout will be given if you catch a golden dragon that will probably pay between 60x and 888x times your original bet.

Lazer Crab is one of the most anticipated Special Creatures when you fish because it rewards up to 120x your bet and it will give you a Cannon that has a much wider shooting range. Drill Crab and Bomb Crab are other similar creatures that will also pay up to 120x your bet and each will also provide a Drilling Cannon and a Bomb. Wheel Crab can also trigger special features when caught and can provide payments up to 300x. Jelly Flash Fish also includes Special Fishing Fish and it can bet up to 120x when you are caught. Also, this will release an electric wave that will attack the fish randomly on the screen.

If you catch a Rapid Fire Cannon, it will be given to you, giving you between 60 to 100 free bullets to shoot. Another special item is the Golden Fortune Bag which will give away major prizes up to 200x. When this feature is triggered, players will be able to choose from three Golden Fortune Bags and enjoy the prizes in which they choose. The last special feature is Dragon King's Treasure which was triggered when Dragon King was captured. It may give you between 10x and 300x your bet if you and other players successfully attack Dragon King.