Highway Kings

The King of the Road sounds like an 80s road movie starring Patrick Swayze, but in reality, it is the name of the 5-axis video slot in the Playtech gaming suite. If you are ready to go on the road and win some cash for playing poker, Highway Kings is a good starting point, because you have the potential to earn 10,000 points. The highway-themed casino game is characterized by simple cartoon graphics, but it lacks card symbols, which is refreshing. Also need to pay attention to the scatter chart and wild symbols, the existence of these symbols will seriously increase your income. Are you ready to fall behind? Then, break it down.

There are 11 symbols in Highway King, and each symbol represents a different salary value. The icon includes a steering wheel, tires, bolts, a pair of dice, a gas pump, a gasoline tank, a jump shot and three trucks of different colors: a green, a yellow and a red.

Certain symbols in King of the Highway grant expenditures for three or more combinations, but icons with higher income only grant expenditures for two matches. The most generous sign on the board-the red truck-even paid 2 points for a single sign on the reels. Overall, the payment table is a generous table. The steering wheel and tire icons are the lowest values ​​in the game. You only need to pay 10 for a four-wheel game and 50 for a five-wheel game, but the sum has increased a lot since then. The highest scale is three trucks. For example, the price of this green truck is two fifths, three twenty thirds, four quarters 150 and five fifths. The yellow truck is still better, offering 2 for 5 people, 3 for 25 people, 4 for 250 people and 5 for 5,000 people. However, even yellow trucks cannot compete with red trucks. The red truck costs two-thirds, two tenths, three fifty cents, four 500 cents, and five ten thousand pounds.

The red truck is crazy and can replace all symbols to help you win prizes. Similarly, Wild will double any victory with the combination it helps to form, but it cannot be accumulated. In other words, two wildcards will still multiply the win by 2 instead of four. The red truck symbol only appears on the three central reels. The exhaust pipe with Scatter written on it is-you may have inferred-the spread of the game. When you put down two to five icons, you will win a prize. The scatter chart must be placed continuously from the leftmost or rightmost reel, but it does not have to follow any set payline.