Do you like slots that will make you laugh when the real cash prize comes? All right, wait a minute because you love ancient Chinese-style slapstick comedy while loading Pan Jin Lian video slot reels.

This eccentric game features zany characters, animated buffoonery and comedy sound effects on nine paylines. For players who love stage games, this online slot will make you roll in the hallways. Our reviewers tested Pan Jin Lian slot machines to determine if the win was a favorable one. Keep reading to find out.

As soon as they loaded the Pan Jin Lian video slot, our survey team was greeted by a thick red brocade curtain, which separated to show the level at which the 5x3 rolls were mounted. Chinese imagery is everywhere in the design, so players have no hesitation in setting up this theme. Taken from one of the most ancient stories in China, Pan Jin Lian is a woman forced to have an unhappy marriage falling in love with another man and having an affair. This ancient story is filled with special caricatures from the commemorative story and retelling of GamingSoft adds an element of pantomime comedy to the scroll. The symbol of the picture includes the beautiful Pan Jin Lian, the anguish of her husband and angry brother, coupled with the handsome dandy who misled our heroine. The low-paying symbols are all related to Pan Jin Lian and have a sum of money, small women's shoes, a fan and a hair comb.

Payments from this symbol range from 3x to 2.250x your line bet. Looking at the payout table will show the prize breakdown for the bet you have placed but it should be noted that 100 coins are used to represent 1.00 in real cash form.

There is a greater chance of winning when the wild gold medal symbol lands on the spindle to replace another symbol. It only offers payouts for landing five types on reels but it is an attractive prize, priced at 3,000x your line bet.