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An arcade games casino is the modern, monetized reinvention of arcade games that most, in the past, played as arcade machines in hallways full of ragged teenagers with machines that required coins to play. They were, in the past, very popular and can still be dug up in some places.

Most of the machines found in arcades were video games - think Donkey Kong, Pacman, Space Invaders, and Paperboy. Many high school students would play these games incessantly, trying to avoid the dreaded GAME OVER screen.

Now, casino games can be in term of face-to-face interaction live tables, adventurous slot games, multiple of fish catching role games and strong arcade games. Seem players are getting bored in playing single game, they can change their selection on playing other play mode. E-wallet is just shared with single wallet and can be played by separating your invest in every single small wallet in games. Such a convenience way to provide players easily handling the whole system in games. 

Fishing God

Regular fish that you can catch while playing this game will offer payouts between 2x and 50x. There are also fish that will bring you higher payouts that range between 30x and 70x but some pay up to 200x your bet. The biggest payout will be given if you catch a golden dragon that will probably pay between 60x and 888x times your original bet.

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Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey is a slot with extremely easy to access rules and management system. Its payout table is located directly on the playing field. Looking at the right side of the reel, the player can consider the bet placed and find out the payout for each icon. This is very convenient because it allows the user to be distracted during the game. At the bottom left of the interface, there is a denomination menu. With its help, you can choose the size of the game currency unit between 0.01 and 5 points. In slot machines, the size of the total bet is limited. Just click the "Bet One" button to select it. The amount can be one, two or three units of the game currency. Using the Spin key, the reel starts to spin. A combination of 3 identical symbols on a payline will win.

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Monkey King 2

Monkey King, known as Sun Wukong in Chinese, is a legendary figure best known as one of the main characters in the 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West (西游记 / 西遊記) and many later stories and adaptations. The origins of Monkey King precede the novel and can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. In the novel, he is a stone-born monkey who acquires supernatural powers through Taoistic practices. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under the mountain by the Buddha, he then accompanied the monk Tang Sanzang on his way to obtain Buddhist silk from the West (India) where the Buddha and his followers lived.

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Dragon Tiger Live

This is one of the popular live casino table games. There are two main types of bets in this game: Dragon and Tiger. The higher value bet wins the round. There are other secondary bets, including bets on "tie".

Tiger: If the value of the tiger is higher, the bet on the slot side of the gaming table will win.

Dragon: If the dragon has a higher value in a round, the player who plays the dragon will win.

Tie: Players can also place a tie, and only win when the round ends in tie.

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